Hi! My name is Alexis Rezenkov
I'm a body-oriented therapist, specialist in movement awareness, and author of Play Somatics / Yoga Somatic therapy systems
«My approach is play-based: I'm convinced that playful approach to life is key to lasting health, youthfulness and creativity. Through playing, we learn to inhabit our own body, train our somatic neural system, and establish connection to the world around and others», – A. Rezenkov
Movement therapy
Individual and group work on psychological issues-related requests aimed at liberation of emotions, broadening of life strategies and finding new resources
Yoga Somatics
A discipline where classic yoga meets the latest developments of practical anatomy and somatic disciplines. Focus of this approach is on somatic awareness during exercises and individual program of development
Play Somatics
Develop your body through movement and play! Crawling, pushing and pulling, interacting with space and objects are some of the ways of getting back the body's lightness and vitality
Body Consulting
An artful approach to managing one's body and psyche in different business-related situations, self-regulation and anti-stress, personalized development programmes
For over 15 years already, I've been studying and practicing different approaches to developing potential of human body and spirit; my preferred approaches are Somatics, Authentic movement, Ecstatic dance, yoga and Contact improvisation.
I also have studied in St Petersburg State University and Saint Petersburg Institute of Psychology and Social Work, Moscow Institute of Integrative Psychology of Professional Development, and am currently enrolled to the three-year graduate program in Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, UK.

It was very cool! Alex created a special trust-based training space, in which we all gradually unfolded, like flowers under the morning sun.
After the training a month has passed, but I continue to notice the changes that brought me these joint experience. Surprisingly, the simple exercises that we did really helped me start to hear my body better. This training gave me much more than I expected. Many thanks!
Kata Skalecka, Latvia
I enjoyed the two days workshop with Alexej a lot.
There have been interesting developments inside myself and between the participants.
Alexej was a capable and convincing group leader.
He created and kept a really peaceful and open space, which I really liked.
He has many different approaches, which is very helpful in keeping the process variable and interesting.
Jenny Kalt, Germany
Alexey Rezenkov's Somatics is something truly magic. Each work session offers a new opportunity to touch one's own depths, discover the deep well of one's own I and scoop a bit of it… Later on, in weekdays, I found that I could get back to this well of my own - that's what I learned at the workshop...
Nadezhda Suprycheva
Today, at Alexey's Dance Lab we've been breathing deep, reconnecting to the earth, exploring different ways of movement - gliding, pushing, turning… All my anxieties and fatigue were gone during the dance, replaced by the feeling of wholeness, awareness of every muscle and bone, and pleasant warmth...
Alexandra Orlova
art therapist
Alexey is himself a living example of freedom, child-like playfulness and imagination. And so are the people around him! It fascinates me time after time, as I watch the people transform, as if they grow new wings - and then come forward myself and dance my own soul...
Angelina Morozova
film director
Discovery, awareness, and insight - all within a caring and safe space, lightly, playfully, relaxed and very present at the same time. Alexey skillfully creates an atmosphere of confidence and friendliness. Two very intense days have passed by in a blink of an eye, but left a strong taste of free movement and clear mind.
Inna Korneva
It's been a wonderful journey to myself, my corporeal nature, my inner beast - a chance to relax, to take off all the masks and social roles, to simply be alive, to present myself and to always choose only what I want.
Alexey is truly marvelous! He is very supportive, he has soft and warm hands, and it is very pleasant to have such a person by your side. Once you have the chance to meet people who are true to their path, to their vocation, you'll never be satisfied with anything fake.
Nadezhda Vasyukova
Frequently asked questions
What is Play somatics?
Play somatics is a program aimed at reclaiming our body's freedom and joy of movement. We learn to pay attention to our bodies and their needs, creatively study their structure and ways of comfortable and natural movement. All this is being done through play, interesting movement-related tasks, work with awareness and emotions. It is a way of caring of our inner child that is present in each of us!
By playing, we learn again to inhabit our own body, to momentarily make decisions, train our somatic nervous system and build effective relations with the world around and other people.
Do I need to learn to dance in order to take part in the dance trainings?
No, no previous experience is required. We are addressing the dance as a metaphor of life itself - if you are able to move, then you are able to dance, too. During the trainings, we work with specific requests and translate them into the language of body and movement. The changes that happen affect the mind first - it becomes flexible, open and alive, and the body simply reflects its new freedom.
Why studying Yoga is better in the context of Somatics?
– First, it is safe - we minimize the risks of overloading bones, muscles and ligaments by doing all asanas mildly, with maximum awareness and individual load levels.
– Next, it is interesting! The postures become keys to a fascinating world of the body: the practice is based and explained in terms of evolution, early development patterns and somatic disciplines most recent findings.
– Finally, it is good for health. Our practice aims at good physical and mental health, strength and positive emotions, not at acrobatics or esoterics.
Can I skip an exercise during the training?
I understand and value differences between people: something that suits well to one person may not be suitable to another. If necessary, I can always give you a similar replacement exercise, or simply allow you to take some rest and move on further with others on the next stage.
What is Body consulting?
Body consulting is a contemporary approach to achieving better results in different aspects of life by using body and psychological self-regulation. In Body consulting, clients get personal advice and experience new practices which they integrate into their professional and personal life.
Can I have an individual session?
Of course, individual work is a convenient and promising format. I conduct individual sessions in somatic framework (body-oriented therapy, bodywork, Yoga+Somatics), Authentic movement and dance and movement-oriented therapy.
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